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How ODERCO PETROLEUM Becomes Green To Structure A Sustainable Future

ODERCO  PETROLEUM  Is engaged in Green  energy business.

We believe it’s quite urgent that we respond to the climate emergency, and it has been the driving ambition of our company to contribute to a world that runs entirely on green energy,” Poulsen says. “We’ve been quite forceful and had a lot of urgency transforming our company because we fundamentally think it’s time to take real action.

With all of our Officers and Managers possessing over twenty years of experience in the Solar and Construction industries,



Oderco Energy can guarantee our customers a professional, experienced, and efficient service.

Our company has worked with the leading Photo Voltaic Energy Providers in the solar Industry.

Our professional team takes on all facets of installation from start to finish

We offer the highest quality Solar Panels developed by industry-leading manufacturers and all of our solar panels are backed with a 25 to 30 year warranty. Terms and conditions apply.

Five of the ten largest wind farms in the world are operated in the US. Two offshore wind farms have made the list, while the remaining eight are onshore.

We believe that green energy is the key to improving the future of our planet. In each product or service we offer, we think of future generations and the planet that we are going to leave them.