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Manufacturer of Equipment for Oil and Gas Industry



Is a privately owned company established on 1987 actually constituted and authorized to do business under the laws of the United States of America.


Working with subsidiaries companies in many countries as Venezuela (Oderco de Venezuela, C.A.), Puerto Rico (Oderco Petroleum, Corp.), Europa (Oderco Drilling Europa), China (Oderco Petroleum China), Canada (Inprofina, Corp.). ODERCO's have experience on exploration and production services, through the affiliate company Oderco Drilling Europa in Joint Ventures with big operating companies well-known worldwide. Oderco also works in partnership as manufacturer of products to the Petroleum Industry (Rigs, OCTG pipes, Line Pipes, Offshore Pipes, Steel Coils, Pumps, Water Treatment plants, Steam Generators). ODERCO represents numerous well-known manufactures and suppliers of products such as SINOMACH, SINOCONST and ODERCO of China. Its product line include casing, tubing, line pipe, drill pipe, drill collar, sucker rod, and other products required in the exploration and production of oil and gas fields.


ODERCO has been invited to submit bids, for different projects, at this moment ODERCO is managing a Master Contract with Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), the national oil company of Venezuela, for the supply of oil and gas pipes, which are for use in the exploration and production of oil and gas. The Master Contract allows registered suppliers to bid on open contracts, as there are numerous factors that determines whether a bidder will be awarded a contract

ODERCO has assigned the project “OLEODUCTO CENTROAMERICANO ATLANTICO AL PACIFICO” at Guatemala on an amount of $ 770 million with the company Via Energetica

ODERCO company is dedicated to the manufacture, purchase, sale and rental of drilling rigs operating onshore from 350HP to 3000HP with Joint Venture operations in the Middle East and currently opening market in Latin America; Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru and Mexico among others.


our advantages

  • 1.High Quality Products Delivering quality products to our customers that will comply with their delivery time requirements and their operations.
  • 2.Costumer Service Our staff is committed to get fast response to requirements and best quality service provided to clients. 
  • 3.Proffesionalism Company that provides vertical solutions in liquid handling systems, as in pipes with or without seam, chromium pipes with premium tread, valves, well heads, progressive cavity pumps, drilling rebar and accessories for the oil industry, construction and other industries.

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