Jet Fuel JET A-1 JP-5 JP-8

Oderco Petroleum  Collaborate to Advance Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Jet Fuel JET A-1 JP-5 JP-8

High-quality fuel meeting international standards

Oderco Petroleum  is responsible for the distribution of the JET A-1 fuel. The new high-quality fuel meets international aviation standards and is certified in accordance with the technical regulations jet fuel for airplane jet turbine engines. 

Our products meet different requirements depending on whether they are for military or civilian use. Jet A-1 is used in civil aircraft, while JP-5 and JP-8 are for military planes. In times of emergency, JP-8 can also be used in vehicles and tanks powered by diesel.

Gives Green Light for Aviation Fuels of the Future

The SAF fuels used today are mostly produced from renewable raw materials, so-called "Biomass to Liquid (BtL)" fuels. In the future, however, we will also see synthetically produced paraffin that will be available on the market, so-called "Power to Liquid (PtL)" fuels, which are produced by electrolysis using water, CO2 and renewable electricity. Although burning SAF, produced in the PtL process, releases the same amount of CO2 emissions as fossil paraffin, the crucial improvement comes in the production process itself: CO2 is used for production and is almost completely converted to fuel during this process. This in turn leads to the result that CO2 emissions can be reduced by SAF compared to conventional paraffin by about 70 to 100 percent, depending on the efficiency of the plants.

"By approving our refueling facilities for sustainable aviation fuel, we are enabling airlines to reduce their CO2 emissions on flights by using sustainable aviation fuels. ‘Green fuels’ have a key role to play on the way to a complete decarbonization of air transport. We expect the share of these sustainable fuels in total energy consumption in aviation to increase continuously in the coming years.

Aviation is one of the most challenging industries to decarbonize in the transportation sector. While there are exciting opportunities for innovation in electric and hybrid hydrogen-electric aircraft, especially for smaller and regional aircraft, medium and long-haul air travel will continue to require high-quality, low carbon liquid fuel supplies for many decades to come.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel is a low carbon replacement for fossil-based jet fuel that is certified to meet ASTM Standards for jet fuel safety. It is approved for use globally as a drop-in fuel with maximum blending levels of 50% with Jet A fuel.

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